Bing Ads is a pay-per-click advertising model that utilizes a search bidding system. Search terms are bid on by advertisers, who pay when their ad appears to potential customers on the results page. Search terms used for Bing Ads include Amazon keyword phrases, price comparisons, and brand names that appear while searching. When you advertise on Bing, you only pay when someone clicks your ad. That’s it! No matter how many times they saw it, or in the end did not engage with it. This is a huge advantage over traditional media where you can’t quantify how engaged with your message people were or if they even saw it. You will see exactly how many clicks you got for each ad along with the cost per click and more on bing’s advertising dashboard.

Zero Competition Compared To Other Platforms

Bing PPC is a good option to promote your brand if you are already advertising on Google. It has many of the same advantages as Google, but with fewer advertisers and lower competition. You might also see a better return on investment since bids can be much cheaper than on Google. Less competition also means you are dealing with advertisers that might be focused on quantity rather than quality, publishing a large amount of half-done ad copies that aren’t really appealing. This can benefit you. because if you make 1 good ad copy and publish it to the right keywords/audience, you will be able to gain qualified clicks that might convert to your website.

Who Is On Bing Nowadays?

38% of bing users have an income of $100000, which is a great marketing opportunity.

Having these statistics about bing in mind, bing advertising might be a good choice for your business. Bing is great for a business whose target base is people over the age of 35 who search for known brands. You could potentially create sniper-targeting advertising campaigns.

Pricing on Bing’s Platform

Bing is very affordable compared to Google. You can pay as low as $0.05 per click, and that click could end up being one of your biggest clients. Some keywords that are crowded with advertisers will increase the competition and price for that keyword. You might have to set a maximum you are willing to pay per click. Prices depend on the industry you operate in. For example, if you are in the finance world, prices per click might be as high as $27 per click since there are a bunch of advertisers bidding for the same keywords.

Why It’s Better To Let Experts handle Your Marketing

True, if you do it by yourself you’ll gain experience, but it will cost you a lot of money before you get your advertising right. An agency like Adblanket will free up your time and allow you to waste fewer resources before you find the right advertising strategy for your business. You as a business owner, need more time to work on operations and find new ways to improve your business in your industry. Don’t forget to claim your free market analysis made by marketing specialists.

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